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Why Cross Fit Studio is the Best Gym in Patna?

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Cross Fit Studio is not just a gym, it's a fitness brand which has transformed more than thousand people & the numbers are increasing continuously. In the years, People look at us with utmost trust to change their lifestyle & we make their goals our priority.

Cross Fit Studio is a community and each Crossfitians is our family member. Our main motto is to create a friendly, healthy & soothing environment so that you don't Work out just to get results, you start loving doing exercises & it becomes an integral part of your lifestyle. As we all know, fitness is the necessity in today's world, so we ensure that the time you spend here soothes your mind too.

Recently, Cross Fit Studio bagged the title “Best Gym in Patna”  from Red FM & we are so overwhelmed and thankful to everyone who voted us in large numbers & shown so much of trust on us. We promise to give you the same environment & results which we are known for in the coming years.

Cross Fit Studio has got all the certified CFS Trainers who guide though out the Crossfitians. We understand that it's not possible for everyone to pay extra charges as Personal Training cost to get proper guidance & so we have strictly prohibited Personal Training in our Gym. We don't want to keep any barrier between you & your results. We ensure you that each & every Crossfitian is our equally integral member and will get the proper attention & guidance.

Cross Fit Studio Gym is highly resulting oriented and so to ensure this, regular feedback is taken from all Crossfitians. We monitor the fitness floor closely & ensure that your experience in Cross Fit Studio will be astonishing.

Cross Fit Studio have different training programs for Weight loss, Weight Gain, Muscle Building, Sports Performance etc. We emphasize on each client & Personal workout routine is allotted according to their age, height, weight & goals.

Cross Fit Studio - 'The best Gym of Patna' understands the importance of proper diet to get desired results. We have extremely experienced Dietician who designs a proper diet chart to each Crossfitian based on their Body Evaluation Test.

Body Evaluation Test is conducted regularly to monitor the results. We don't only have our eye on your weight; we look on every aspect which is important to achieve your goals. Subcutaneous Fat (External Fat), Visceral Fat (Internal Fat), Muscle Mass, BMR, BMI & Body Age is checked twice a month. All your Training Programs are made according to the report of Body Evaluation Test.

Cross Fit Studio- 'The best Gym of Patna' provides various services in addition to weight loss, Weight Gain, Muscle Building. We have Specialized U.S based Functional Training to give you fast & healthy results. It increases your heart rate for the next 24-40 hrs which burns more calories. We also focus on different kinds of Pain Relief Workouts for your Sore body, Muscle strain, Stiff Body, Neck pain, Lower back pain, etc & this makes us the best place to work out.

Cross Fit Studio have Specialized CFS Trainers for Aerobics & Power Yoga who conduct regular sessions for Crossfitians.  Aerobics & Power Yoga makes you internally & mentally fit. We also have Crossfit Training which includes all the high intensity functional & strength exercises which play the role of a catalyst in every goal you set for yourself.

Cross Fit Studio enrolled into Mission Fit India program aim is to reach every corner & make people healthy. So, we don't want to limit the fitness to our branches available at Patliputra & A.G Colony, hence we have also started Home Training Programs. Our Certified CFS Trainers will go to your home to train you. You can enjoy all the benefits of our services such as Proper Training, Personal Diet Chart, Body Evaluation Tests, Aerobics, Power Yoga, etc at your home.

Cross Fit Studio - 'Best unisex Gym in Patna' gives you all the facilities to convert your goals into reality in a healthy & friendly environment. We are really proud of all the ladies of Patna who come to our branches and made us the safest gym for ladies. They are setting new heights of women's fitness in India.

Join Cross Fit Studio & be a part of the Fitness revolution. Let's come ahead and accomplish our dream 'Mission Fit India' together.