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Cross Fit Studio is a community, where goal of every Crossfitian is our priority. Cross Fit Studio situated in AG Colony is the best Gym of Patna as it gives you all the facilities needed to reach to your goals in the friendly & motivational environment.

Cross Fit Studio situated in AG Colony is the best Gym of Patna & We doesn’t say this. It’s the immense trust of People who have given us so much of respect, value & position.

Cross Fit Studio- ‘Best gym in AG Colony‘ has different training programmers for Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Muscle Building, Sports Performance etc. We monitor every Crossfitian personally on the basis of their age, weight, goals & metabolism.

All kinds of special trainings like Functional Training, HIIT, Cross fit Training, Power Yoga and Aerobics are given on regular basis which boosts the result & give a overall different experience of workout.

We the best Gym of Ag Colony ensure you the results in the healthy way in the limited time. All our Trainers and Dietician will regularly check your Trainings & Diet Plans.

Let’s join together & be a proud Crossfitian with a healthy & fit body.

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