Weight Loss Guaranteed program

CROSS FIT STUDIO has got tremendous success in decreasing the weights of our obese clients.

We have transformed many clients in few time.  We guarantee you the 9-10 kgs loss in your weight in 3 months with proper training , diet , week to week BMI check etc.
If we failed to do so we will return you the whole money back.


One reason the answer to “How to lose weight?” is so messy is because it’s actually the wrong question. You can break down your body weight into two main categories: fat mass and fat-free mass.

Your fat-free mass includes your muscles, organs, bones, and connective tissue. It also includes water weight. In other words, this is what would be left if you removed every single fat cell from your body.

Muscle mass is a major component of your fat-free mass, and it should weight more than your fat mass. Furthermore, muscle mass has a huge positive impact on your metabolism, or metabolic rate. The more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn at rest.

Body Transformation

CROSS FIT STUDIO is the best place for transforming your body.

It all starts with the proper attitude. First, you have to believe in yourself. Tell yourself you can do it, that it’s worth it, and that you have what it takes. The mind is a powerful tool. Use it! This is probably the most important factor, because it greatly affects the other two.